Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In last week’s post, I discussed the first ingredient in the recipe for success. The “right” mental attitude focuses on a “can do” attitude, a problem solving mindset and an optimistic view of situations. This is the foundation for success and allows us to accomplish some amazing things.

The second ingredient in the recipe for success is having the right skills and knowledge needed in your profession. For example, sales people may be highly enthusiastic and positive but they may not know their products and services and are unable to answer questions from prospective customers. With the ever changing world of technology, many of us must stay up to date on new social media and technological advances to maintain an edge in our profession.

We must constantly develop our skills and knowledge along with maintaining the “right” attitude in order to succeed. Think about what skills and knowledge are required in your profession. Write down your strengths and areas of development. Make it a personal challenge to set daily goals and action in place to increase the skill and knowledge in your areas of development and watch your success skyrocket.

Next week, I’ll discuss the third ingredient in the recipe for success.

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