Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomorrow is Laser Focus Friday - have goals set, and ready to roll....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Pride is a word that I have been thinking about for the last several days. Webster's defines pride as "delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship". I am always proud of my wife and children, unconditionally. One other aspect of my life that I am very proud of is my involvement with the Personal Development industry, specifically LifePath Unlimited.

I recently decided to leave Corporate America after 18 years to have more time and flexibility with my wife and 2 children. I desired more freedom, flexibility and the ability to control my destiny and income. I know that wealth and abundance is rarely realized in the corporate world by 99% of the employees. So after 2-3 months of consideration and research, my wife, Jewell, and I agreed to start our own business around our passion - personal development.

Jewell and I have been personal development "nuts" since hearing our first Zig Ziglar cassette in 1991. The cassettes that we would listen to on the way to work and on trips changed our lives. We experienced six years of infertility before we were blessed with our two children adopted from South Korea. The words, quotes and messages in the personal development cassettes and later on, compact discs, were the foundation that kept us positive on the infertility "rollercoaster" of physical and emotional stress. Looking back, I am very proud of how we handled 6 years of infertility - the doctor visits, the treatments, the shots, the medications, the monthly disappointment, the financial pressure. We believed Zig, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Colin Powell, and many others were speaking directly to us. We would quote the messages and remind each other of positive affirmations when one of us was down.

Our life has drastically changed since those years. We have two beautiful and loving children that God has truly blessed us with. Payne and Kate were our destiny, we are sure of that. Our life has changed also in that we own our own business. We are so excited about this opportunity and new chapter in our lives. We have had naysayers say "how could you leave a good job in this economy?" and "what are you doing?". We also have had people congratulate us and express their admiration for our decision. We expected both types of responses. My pride comes in the fact that we took a risk, a big risk that we truly believe is the best journey we can take in life now. The key factor in our decision to start our own business was our passion in personal development and the belief that we can be successful in whatever we apply our persistence and discipline to.

We have been blessed to have found LifePath Unlimited in our research and become a part of the organization. It is a company that puts personal development first, and developing your own business second. It's the perfect match for us. We get to learn more about ourselves, develop our skills, open our belief systems, and run our own business while helping people. LifePath is a company of high integrity that supports their team members with top of the line training, support and positive energy. It has been the best 6 weeks of my life in a long time. I have met and talked with so many positive people that have big dreams and confidence. It has inspired us to think and dream big as well.

I am very proud to be a part of the LifePath team. I know Jewell is to. My dream is to be a leader within the organization and to help as many people as I can achieve their goals and dreams as well. As a corporate leader, the greatest satisfaction I received was seeing team members do big things, flawlessly execute tough assignments, earn promotions and develop their skills.

I know that I will get that satisfaction and sense of pride with our LifePath business.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Montel Williams Show...

I recently listened to an interview from SUCCESS Magazine with Montel Williams, the former TV talk show host. Prior to this interview, I did not know much about Montel Williams. After the interview, I am very impressed and inspired by his positive attitude and desire to control his own destiny in spite of significant challenges.

For 17 years he hosted The Montel Williams Show, a daily, one-hour, nationally syndicated talk show. In addition to receiving the 1996 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show host, Montel's program was also nominated for Outstanding Talk Show in 2001, and Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2002.

Montel currently hosts a radio show and is the author of the New York Times bestselling inspirational memoirs Climbing Higher and Mountain, Get Out of My Way, and the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Bodychange.

Montel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 and tried to commit suicide on the streets of New York City. Once his TV talk show was cancelled, he saw an opportunity for impactful change in his life. He began a new journey of exercise, diet, research, knowledge and meditation to help him deal with the pain and to control his emotions to prevent depression and feeling sorry for himself.

Montel has partnered with experts to conduct research on how people can make themselves happy. He believes “Happiness comes from how you interact and what you give, not what you get.” The research has shown we are responsible for our happiness – 50% of happiness is genetics, 10% being environmental and 40% controlled by the way we think.

Montel believes there are 8 traits that happy people share:

1. Deeply enjoy relationships with friends and family
2. Are grateful for everything life offers
3. Think positively and optimistically about the future
4. Strongly commit to life goals
5. Be generous and forgiving to others
6. Be resilient and self confident
7. Savor all of life’s moments
8. Are physically active on a daily basis

As I mentioned earlier, I was not familiar with the Montel Williams story. I am now inspired by this man of great talent, discipline and tenacity. He has had career highs and lows, fought a disease, maintained an incredible physical and mental spirit and genuinely wants to give back to others.

He certainly may have found the formula for happiness.